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I recommend you visit your local farmer’s market and buy most of your foods from there whenever possible.

When you choose to become a client with one of the Body Wisdom plans you receive a custom-designed meal and lifestyle plan according to YOUR values, lifestyle, and weight loss goals. This list of products can help you with your healthy lifestyle and weight loss journey whether you are a client or friend. Here you will find some foods and products I recommend.  This virtual portal is a quick and easy way to shop, without leaving the comfort of home or traveling to multiple stores.

Books and DVDs

This list will be updated regularly as we find new or better products to suggest to you. Feel free to connect with us about any questions you may have about our store or any questions about your healthy lifestyle.

101 Great Ways to Improve

Your Life by David Riklan, is a compilation of ideas and secrets on achieving your ideal life, maintaining a balance between your body and mind, helping you deal with different personalities and many more other important topics.  “Self-improvement is a journey that never ends. This book will make that journey a bit easier for you.” Dr. Donna’s contribution to this book talks about aspirations and bringing your dreams to life using seven simple focused steps. 

Price $20.00 including shipping

101 Ways to Improve Your Health

A book by David Riklan and Dr. Joseph Cilea and the assistance of various authors introduces 101 simple ways to cure disease, overcome unhealthy habits and live your life to its healthiest potential.  Dr. Donna’s contribution to this book talks about how to better your health through Self Improvement and how to jump-start your day in a positive way.

Price $20.00 including shipping

The Power of Letting Go

A book by Sheree Keys is a compilation of experts from all over the world that share their stories and advice to help others let go, move on, and finally heal. Experts share their advice to help you embrace the power of letting go each new day and begin to heal yourself.  In Chapter 10, Dr. Donna talks about how to let go of the weight that weighs you down.  She shares her secrets and ideas on how to get your waist back.           

Price $20.00 including shipping

Chair Dancing Videos

Jodi Stolove introduces a series of videos that show you how to access the world of fitness in the comfort of your chair.  Through seated aerobics and chair yoga, she teaches you to promote relaxation, increase mobility, improve posture and a numerous of other health benefits. Highly recommended for my clients of all ages and sizes!

Chair Dancing Through the Decades

Price $20.00 including shipping

Chair Dancing Around the World

Price $20.00 including shipping

Chair Dancing Fitness – Chair Yoga

Price $20.00 including shipping


Dr. Donna: An Advocate for Health

Dr. Donna, who was recently named ABWA’s Business Leader of the year in Health and Wellness, is a 30-year psychologist, an author and executive wellness coach. She is considered a leading authority on executive resilience, weight loss and optimal health and wellness. Her work on burnout prevention has been featured in Prevention magazine and on a PBS special. She was recently featured as a guest expert on weight loss and maintenance on ABC/Local 10 news, CBS4 Miami and in Holistic Health magazine.

During recent years, “Dr. Donna” has helped her clients lose over 5,000 pounds. She has also contributed to twenty-nine books, including 101 Great Ways to Improve Your Health as well as 101 Great Ways to Improve Your Life. She received her doctorate in Human Resource Development and is a graduate of Leadership Broward and an active community leader and volunteer in dozens of nonprofit and civic organizations over the years.



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