“Body Wisdom was exactly what the doctor ordered, and Dr. Donna delivered! I needed a kickstart and the 6-week Breakthrough Program was easy to follow, and I had incredible results. After 6 weeks, I had a lost 20lbs and have continued to lose over 60 pounds! Going from size 20 to a size 10 has allowed me to achieve my life long goal”
Mandy G.

“This has been the most successful and positive weight loss I have ever done. It’s effective and easy. You meet wonderful friends. Dr. Donna is the most caring, loving and encouraging person I have met in a long time. This program is a great way to start a better way of eating and to start life changing habits for a healthier you.”
Tracey C

“I lost 20 lobs. In 6 weeks. Dr. Donna has changed my life forever. I’ve never felt better. She has given me the tools to take control of my mental and physical health. Being a part of the group helped a lot. It provided me with the support system that I needed for success.”
Lourdes G.

“Body Wisdom Breakthru is amazing. I was extremely skeptical about trying another diet — I’ve done all of them, it seems and long ago had decided to “settle” on my current weight and live happily. However, Dr. Donna showed me I could still live happily, but get that 20 pounds off. Her lifestyle plan made it easy – its more than a weight loss program, it’s a wonderful lifestyle and not only I, but so many of her clients are living proof. Even if you think you can “never” get the weight off, give it one more shot with Dr. Donna – you’ll be amazed at the results!”
Charlotte L

“I have now lost 60 pounds and counting! My favorite aspect of the Body Wisdom program by Dr. Donna is the wholistic approach. It is an outstanding and powerful approach for your mind, body and spirit. Truly, the Body Wisdom program by Dr. Donna is a life changer. I am forever grateful and inspired. Thank you, Dr. Donna!”
Lynda Pantoja

“Body Wisdom Breakthru truly helped me become a better, healthier version of myself. I’ve lost about 50 lbs. by following her well-thought out program and I’ve developed great appreciation and respect for the food I eat. I’m super grateful!”
Joy S.

“I purchased The Body Wisdom Program by Donna and I am happy to report it really works! I lost 25 pounds and I am making much better food choices. What I lost was my food cravings and acid reflux. My doctor is thrilled! The meal plan is easy to follow for everyone including vegetarians and vegans and I am never hungry. It even helped my partner feel better and lose some weight too. I highly recommend her program.”
Wayne P

“I hired Dr Donna Goldstein and we set a goal of 50-pound weight loss. I made the decision to hire her because she knew how to advise me because I knew how much weight she had lost and she had maintained it for nearly a decade. I succeeded in reaching my goal and it totally transformed my life.! I am forever grateful to Dr Donna Goldstein for my new life. I’m down 50 pounds, 22 inches and 5 sizes and I feel GREAT! I’ve made a 360 turn around and am making much healthier choices. I’m loving the new person I’ve become. I’m forever grateful to you.”
Wendy S.

“Amazing program that lets you have a “real” life, with real food! This is a lifestyle that you can continue to stay healthy, full of energy and have a very easy time doing it! The Body Wisdom Lifestyle is truly unique. I’ve tried everything – Nutra System, WW, Jenny Craig, shots === and every single time I stopped the diet, I would gain the weight back because it wasn’t a lifestyle…it was a short-term weight loss diet. This is a path to a healthy lifestyle long term that works. I lost 25 lbs. and it has been comfortable, easy, and I’ve kept it off for a year.”
Kimberly F. ·

“I highly recommend the Body Wisdom Lifestyle program… I have lost 30lbs. in 3 months have kept it off! The program is easy to follow and allows you to take charge of what you eat as you transform your body and mind. I learned how to make healthier food choices. I have so so so much more energy. I cannot believe how good I feel. Dr. Donna and the group have been very helpful to my success. Dr. Donna is a great coach and supporter. She genuinely gives her all to help everyone learn better eating habits, achieve their goal and lead a healthier lifestyle. I will continue this journey and make it my lifestyle!”
Dana S.

“Dr Donna helped me on so many levels. I was able to stick to my program knowing that she was encouraging me every step in my journey. I highly recommend her as a lifestyle coach! I’ve lost a size and so much more!”
Terri L.

“I found Dr. Donna’s program to be life changing. With her coaching support and easy to follow lifestyle changes I lost 35 pounds in 6 short months and have kept it off for 2 years.
I never ordered online because I could never guarantee what would fit. Now I love to pick- up any size 8 and it fits perfectly!”
Beth M.

“I lost a total of 45 lbs. with Dr. Donna’s support. I have gone from a size twelve to a six and am now a fitness professional myself. I am so grateful to have met Dr. Donna, who has truly given me my life back.”
Melinda A

“I am amazed at how easy the Body Wisdom Program has been for me, I have totally lost all my food cravings and love eating real natural food. This is a sustainable plan for my healthy long term lifestyle; I have really appreciated all of your support, motivation, and inspiration!”
Maureen D

“Thank YOU Dr. Donna. Because of you, my 17 year old daughter has embraced her lifestyle change and is maintaining her weight loss. She has more energy , walks regularly and is much more active , practices portion control, and feels very good about herself.
Trina D

“The feeling of being able to walk up and down a long flight of stairs without having knee discomfort or shortness of breath as a result of 30 less pounds of pressure on my knees and heart: priceless. Thank you Dr. Donna L. Goldstein!”
Julie H.

“Body Wisdom is one of the best things that ever happened to me. To meet Dr. Donna, because of her and her healthy plan my life has changed completely. I was sedentary and depressed, now I am alive, I can walk anywhere I choose, travel, I am free after losing 40 + pounds and plan on much more -So much more energy – a new me! I can not thank you enough!”
Peter S.

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