Body Wisdom Lifestyle Plans

The proprietary Body Wisdom Breakthru Program (90 Days) delivers powerful results, even for people who have tried and failed using other complicated, expensive or exhausting approaches. Each client gets a customized nutritional and lifestyle plan. Eat real food you purchase in your grocery store or farmers market.  You’ll enjoy walking and gentle exercise according to your abilities, interests and goals. Learn to manage stress more effectively, overcome cravings, enhance sleep and live a more mindful and balanced life. The weight loss ranges from 6-20 lbs. in the first 5 weeks, with 11.5 lb. average.


Body Wisdom Roadmap

“I’ve Got This” (12 Weeks)

This is the perfect plan for those of you saying, “I just want to lose weight quickly and safely!” With this plan, you receive a Body Wisdom customized meal and exercise plan and 12 weekly accountability “check-ins” by text, phone or Skype.


Body Wisdom Lifestyle VIP Program

“I Choose to Develop My Body Wisdom” (12 Week)

With this plan, you receive a custom Body Wisdom Meal and Exercise Plan, as well as 30-minute weekly mentoring sessions in person, by phone or Skype. You also receive support via text on key day-to-day and time urgent issues such as exercise, menu and meal planning, as well as ongoing lifestyle suggestions. For example, going on vacation or heading out to a new restaurant? I canhelp you choose your best options!
With the VIP Package, you will learn to apply all of Dr. Donna’s proven principles of long-term weight loss success and holistic health while receiving ongoing weekly support.





Body Wisdom Concierge Package

“I Choose It All” (12 Weeks)

Get a super-customized Body Wisdom meal, exercise and lifestyle plan, that can be updated any time you choose. This includes unlimited talk and text support throughout your program. You receive private weekly mentoring sessions with Dr. Donna or her team, in person or on Skype. You will receive UNLIMITED yoga, tai chi, belly dance, meditation or other instruction.

As a Concierge Client, you will have Dr. Donna as your personal Body Wisdom Coach in person by text, phone or Skype.



BodyWisdomByDrDonna weight loss success

Body Wisdom Group Coaching Programs

“Let’s Do This”

Join Dr. Donna and other like-minded people who want to become healthier, lose weight and continue their lifestyle transformations in a supportive group setting. The groups meet in person and virtually; and stay in touch via Messenger.  Each group has a different personality based on the interests of the members – we offer members a variety of experiences like cooking classes, visits to the farmers market, yoga, water aerobics, belly dancing, and more. Ask about joining an existing group or putting together a new one! Some groups support various charities such as Wendy’s Angels breast and ovarian cancer fund or the Kiwanis Fund.

Group Classes from the comfort of your own home. No matter where you are located any where in the world


Home Weight Loss & Wellness Audit (Pantry Raid)

“Raid My Pantry” (2 in-home visits)

Concerned about your family’s health? Now I’m offering a different way to be of service to you and your family! I come to your home and conduct a PANTRY RAID – we examine and discuss everything in your cupboards and frig. You receive information about healthier alternatives! Do you know what is really in your pantry? You may have unhealthy foods without even knowing it! We help you learn how to read the labels — and the whole family helps in figuring out what to keep and what needs to go! During the initial visit, we’ll help you assess what you have in your refrigerator and pantry and what would be better choices in the future. The next visit (Optional 2nd Visit) time we see you, we’ll evaluate your lifestyle and exercise / recreational activities. You’ll get specific weight loss and lifestyle suggestions for individual members and the family as a whole. We can assess which program we offer would the most helpful. Image may contain: 3 people, including Donna L. Goldstein, people smiling, indoor Navigating The Grocery Store Your grocery shopping habits are essential to the success of your health and weight loss. Have you ever said, “I just have a few things to pick up,” yet you walked away with multiple bags of groceries – not all healthy choices? We can help you navigate your grocery shopping to support your health and weight loss goals. You’ll learn how to read the labels and some of the secrets behind the grocery store layout. There’s a reason items are in specific locations. You’ll be surprised at some of the foods you have always purchased thinking they are “natural” and good for your weight loss efforts. Join us for a educational and fun trip to the grocery. Click here and schedule a call to get started at or, text/call 954.292.8477. You’ll never shop the same way again! BodyWisdomByDrDonna BodyWisdomByDrDonna

Dr. Donna: An Advocate for Health

Dr. Donna, who was recently named ABWA’s Business Leader of the year in Health and Wellness, is a 30-year psychologist, an author and executive wellness coach. She is considered a leading authority on executive resilience, weight loss and optimal health and wellness. Her work on burnout prevention has been featured in Prevention magazine and on a PBS special. She was recently featured as a guest expert on weight loss and maintenance on ABC/Local 10 news, CBS4 Miami and in Holistic Health magazine.

During recent years, “Dr. Donna” has helped her clients lose over 5,000 pounds. She has also contributed to twenty-nine books, including 101 Great Ways to Improve Your Health as well as 101 Great Ways to Improve Your Life. She received her doctorate in Human Resource Development and is a graduate of Leadership Broward and an active community leader and volunteer in dozens of nonprofit and civic organizations over the years.



I totally recommend Dr. Donna’s Body Wisdom. The beauty of the program is not only do you lose weight but you transform your whole life. You learn how to eat properly and you feel so much better from it. Not only have a lost 15 lbs but I have shed a lot of inches all around. I went down a pants size and now can wear a small instead of a medium size shirt. All the food you eat is from the grocery store. Plain and simple, the program teaches you a new way to eat that also boosts your energy level. For me I have gotten more productive because I’m not tired all the time. I would definitely recommend Body Wisdom to everyone

Giving thanks to Dr. Donna and Body Wisdom. Two years now since I lost thirty pounds! But the best part is how my relationship to food had changed! I enjoy food knowing that I have the tools to listen to what my body needs and maintain a consistent weight that is right for me. Thank you again Dr. Donna.

Dr. Donna’s innovative body and mind approach to weight -loss has served me well.It has been a 2 years since I have 30 lbs. under her tutelage in the Body – Wisdom program and even more amazing … I have kept it off.My day-to-day energy level are now higher than ever before. I enjoy eating and living like this, Thanks Dr. Donna.

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