5 Portion Control Hacks

By Dr. Donna Goldstein | June 24, 2019 | 0 Comments

5 Hacks For Portion Control We all tend to eat what’s in front of us!  Sometimes it’s hard to tell what an appropriate portion actually represents.  A typical restaurant meal can often be two to three times more food than we really require. Using these 5 Hacks for Portion Control can be a huge benefit!  Can you even imagine what a 5oz portion of chicken is? (It’s the size of a deck of cards.)  For years, I thought I was eating the right thing, but I wasn’t!  If something tasted good, I never knew when to stop. For example Hummus …

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5 Ways to Control Chocolate cravings!

By Dr. Donna Goldstein | February 12, 2019 | 0 Comments
Control Chocolate cravings!

5 Ways to Reduce Chocoholic Cravings I am a serious chocoholic. I have maintained my 70-pound weight loss for 11 years and yet I eat something chocolate almost every day and you can, too!  I knew I had to find ways to control chocolate cravings.Many of my clients adore chocolate in one form or another.  The love of chocolate has been around for centuries, chocolate has been considered the nectar of the gods and even traded like currency. Some clients seem to crave “salty and crunchy” and others sweets and/or chocolate.  My clients love the fact they don’t have to give up …

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Celebrate Healthy!

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Skip the Dinner and Drinks: 6 Ways to Celebrate In A Healthier Way! ­­­By Dr. Donna L. Goldstein Have you noticed nearly every celebration in life, whether it’s a family birthday, graduation or career advancement on Facebook shows people eating and drinking large amounts of food and drinks?  Let’s rethink how we can celebrate in fun ways that are better for us and healthier, too.  Rather than spending hundreds of dollars on eating out and consuming things that don’t serve you, here are a few examples of how you can have a lovely celebration and feel great about it Learn …

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Mindful Eating and Living

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Mindful eating for Long Term Weight loss

Mindful Eating and Living – your Keys to Long Term Weight Loss Success Do you eat on the run, in your cars, at your desk or in front of the television?  We have a myriad of distractions all around us.  Have you ever opened a bag of chips or cookies with the intent to have one or two, and before you realized it, they were gone?  This is an example of mindless eating. Pure and simple.  Mindful eating and living…your keys to long term weight loss success. The goal for mindful eating is to experience food more intensely by paying …

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Finding Love After Loss (Weight-Loss, That Is!)

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V Here’s another remarkable true love story in our Dating Advice for Women Series.  It’s a first-person account of finding love after loss by psychologist & weight loss guru, Dr. Donna Goldstein, who worked with one of our Love mentors® to find and marry her awesome husband over 7 years ago.  Here’s a photo of the newlyweds on their blessed wedding day! By Dr. Donna Goldstein My heart went to a heavy-set woman who recently posted the following on Facebook, “I am crushed,” she mourned.  Everything had been going great with this guy she had met online.  They had talked …

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Cruise without Gaining Weight!

By Dr. Donna Goldstein | February 13, 2018 | Comments Off on Cruise without Gaining Weight!
Cruise without gaining weight!

10 Tips for avoiding weight gain on a cruise   by Dr. Donna Goldstein Cruises can be so relaxing and stimulating too. However, when you are trying to lose or maintain your weight, they are loaded with temptations that may cause you to veer off course. With proper preparation you CAN CRUISE without gaining weight   Here are some tips that will help you not only survive the cruise experience, but keep a healthy focus:   Don’t be afraid to ask for what you need!   1) Ask if the cruise has a spa menu so that you can make …

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Healthier Holidays- 5 Holiday “ Goodie” options !!

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5 Holiday “ Goodie” options you can use to prevent weight gain !! Perhaps you are a hair dresser , manicurist , accountant , dog groomer , teacher or ? You just may be a super nice person whose friends and clients love bringing them lots of sticky sweet holiday goodies? In the past I’ve succumbed to those gifts and goodies. Often just a few bites turn into nibbling up the whole tray ! Know that experience ? So what to do ? Here are five strategies I’ve suggested to my clients. Of course you never want to appear ungracious. …

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Dr. Donna’s 12 Healthy Lifestyle Tips

By Dr. Donna Goldstein | May 15, 2017 | Comments Off on Dr. Donna’s 12 Healthy Lifestyle Tips

  Hi. I’m Dr. Donna Goldstein. For those of you who aren’t familiar with me, I’m a psychologist and certified health coach. January was the nine year anniversary of my losing (and keeping off!) 70 pounds and I’m still a size 6. By following my secrets, tips and ideas, I’ve helped over 1,600 people all over the world lose weight, get healthy, sleep better and regain their vitality. Let’s get started! I’d like to share with you 12 healthy lifestyle tips that will always serve you well. My first question is: How do you feel? Are you sluggish and tired …

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4 Easy Tips To Love Your Scale

By Dr. Donna Goldstein | March 7, 2017 | Comments Off on 4 Easy Tips To Love Your Scale

4 Easy Tips To Love Your Scale   As many of us struggle to lose those extra pounds and maintain a healthy weight, we should also remember that various factors influence the number that stares back at us when we look at our scale.  We have more control over these numbers than we realize.  Here are some tips on how your scale can be your friend!     1. Make sure you have a good scale.  Is your scale broken, old, not properly calibrated or not digital?  You may be  losing weight, but your scale isn’t reflecting your success and that …

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12 Gifts for the Holidays from Dr. Donna!

By Dr. Donna Goldstein | December 11, 2016 | Comments Off on 12 Gifts for the Holidays from Dr. Donna!

What is on your Holiday Wish List?  Here are 12 Healthy Gift Ideas! If you or a loved one are focused on living a healthy lifestyle, skip the gifts of chocolates or wine! Your family, friends, or co-workers may not “get” your lifestyle goals and have no idea what to buy you. Here’s a list of amazing gift ideas, along with the links to help you find  the perfect gift!’ 1. Yoga mat What is better than to give the gift of life? The benefits of yoga are well- known for health and vitality. I recommend the Nirdami mat.  The …

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