5 Portion Control Hacks

5 Hacks For Portion Control

We all tend to eat what’s in front of us!  Sometimes it’s hard to tell what an appropriate portion actually represents.  A typical restaurant meal can often be two to three times more food than we really require. Using these 5 Hacks for Portion Control can be a huge benefit!

 Can you even imagine what a 5oz portion of chicken is? (It’s the size of a deck of cards.) 

For years, I thought I was eating the right thing, but I wasn’t!  If something tasted good, I never knew when to stop.

For example Hummus seemed like a healthy alternative, so I would continue enjoying it until I was l full, never knowing what a portion really was.  Since losing 70 pounds, I’ve managed to keep it off for 11 years with a complete lifestyle overhaul by watching my portions, modifying my portions and much more!

  1. Read The Labels

We need to know what’s inside the bottle, can or package!  Be aware of how much food you are eating and what calories are in that serving!  Nutrition sometimes seem complicated, but it becomes easier once you begin reading the labels! 

The label gives you a guide for making choices that can affect your long-term health and keep your weight where you want it.  Many things are made with salt and sugar —  even though you don’t taste it.  An example is a glass of bottled tea.  It can have 90 calories of sugar! If you drink one a day, that’s 3000   calories a month which equates to 10 lbs. a year — just from iced tea.

Another example is ketchup.  Read the labels and be mindful of the ingredients and the hidden calories!

2.Buy Pre-Portion Controlled Sizes

It’s easy to go overboard when you’re enjoying something!  Unless you’re taking a few steps to measure the amount of food you’re eating, you just don’t know how much you are really eating! 

Many things  now come in smaller portion-controlled sizes.  From humus, cottage cheese and raisins to peanut butter or a Hershey kiss.  Kid sized portions can be especially helpful

3. Make your own single-serving packs.

Take the larger package or box and take out the amount of the food you are going to eat.  Enjoy the amount you have predetermined!  An example is 25 to 30 pistachios in a little bag and then you can grab that  smaller amount easily.  This can easily be done with walnuts, pumpkin seeds, or even sweet potato chips.  This will keep you from eating the entire bag, box, or package mindlessly.

4. Create The Right Serving Size – Doling-Out The Perfect Amount

Determining the right amount of the food you are about to eat is super important, especially in the rush of everyday life. Make how much you eat easy to track!  Simply count or cut the amount you plan to eat and put the rest away. 

This will help you mentally prepare for a specific amount rather than cutting little pieces away or taking another tablespoon of something over and over again. This can work whether it’s cookies, peanut butter, or cheese.  Think about prepping your meals in advance. It’s helpful to cut up vegetables and fruits, so they are ready to go for the week in the size of a container you need.  It makes it simple and it helps you realize how much you are eating

5. Container Size

We tend to fill the space on whatever plate we use, right? Limiting the size of your container or plate will help you maintain your size!  Simply prefill the plate or container with the portion you want to enjoy. 

“Fit and Fresh” is the perfect size for a small portion and it comes with a cooling ice tray built in. There’s a multitude of containers from which to choose, however be mindful and try to use glass, silicone, or BPA Free plastic-type products.

Being mindful of portion control is a key factor in your long-term weight loss and maintenance success.

Portion control for weight loss

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