5 Ways to Control Chocolate cravings!

5 Ways to Reduce 
Chocoholic Cravings

I am a serious chocoholic. I have maintained my 70-pound weight loss for 11 years and yet I eat something chocolate almost every day and you can, too!  I knew I had to find ways to control chocolate cravings.Many of my clients adore chocolate in one form or another. 

The love of chocolate has been around for centuries, chocolate has been considered the nectar of the gods and even traded like currency.

Some clients seem to crave “salty and crunchy” and others sweets and/or chocolate.  My clients love the fact they don’t have to give up what they crave to lose weight or maintain their weight loss.

Why is chocolate so addictive?

We know chocolate calls to many of us, especially during times of stress.  Why?  Chocolate stimulates the brain’s reward centers and triggers ‘feel-good’ chemicals including dopamine and serotonin.

 Many of us perceive chocolate as either a reward or comfort. The more you eat high sugar chocolate and the more often you have it, the more it seems essential to your well-being.  Your brain drives you to seek it out, even at midnight, as if it were a drug. 

Here are 5 key ways to help you overcome your chocolate cravings while living a healthier lifestyle.

1. Choose Dark Chocolate with 60% to 90% Cocoa

First, a reasonable amount of dark chocolate made from cocoa is good for your health.  The higher the percentage of cocoa the more antioxidants.  Most of us find it harder to binge on 86% or more dark chocolate than on milk chocolate. You’ll probably eat only 2 or 3 small squares and won’t be filling your body with unnecessary sugar and fat.   

2. Taper Down The Amount of Chocolate You Consume

Acknowledge the role of chocolate in your life and how often you eat it. Depending upon how much you are consuming daily, start decreasing the amount.  If you can cut it in half immediately, that’s a great start. Continue decreasing and you may find cutting back a little each day makes the reduction easier.  Ultimately, you’ll want to control the chocolate instead of the chocolate controlling you.

3. Become Mindful of Why You Are Experiencing Cravings

When you have a desire for chocolate think about what is occurring in your life. Is there something else you really crave, and you find the chocolate is simply filling the hole in your life for love or comfort? At the time you ))you are experiencing the craving, you feel like the chocolate will remedy the situation, however, what it really can do is cause weight gain, guilt or sadness.

A chocolate craving may be the perfect time to find your dog, cat, child or friend to play, walk or talk with.  Try distracting yourself with a sport or hobby. Think about what else you can do that’s fun or pleasant to you.  Your goal is to create a warm and fuzzy type feeling that fulfills you.

4. Discover A Healthy Hot or Cold Yummy Chocolate Drink

Now we can all enjoy guilt-free indulgence through chocolate flavored coffee, decaf or herbal tea! There are several types available – many are also caffeine free and offer a heavenly flavor of chocolate or mocha.

In addition, a drink will help keep you feeling full and satisfied longer than any piece of chocolate. You can even make your own tea from a delicious chocolate mint plant. You can also sweeten a coffee drink with chocolate flavored almond or soy milk

5. Chocolate Alternatives to The Rescue

Rather than Snickers, M&Ms or Häagen-Dazs® I help my clients find healthy alternatives which satisfy their cravings.   Traditional milk chocolate triggers the cravings, but there are healthier options readily available in most grocery or health food stores. Charlotte needed a before bed decadent chocolate snack – I helped her find the perfect solution.  Lourdes was delighted with the chocolate fix which she could carry in her purse. There’s no need to give up the taste you love especially with so many options available. 

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