Mindful Eating and Living

Mindful Eating and Living – your Keys to Long Term Weight Loss Success

Do you eat on the run, in your cars, at your desk or in front of the television?  We have a myriad of distractions all around us.  Have you ever opened a bag of chips or cookies with the intent to have one or two, and before you realized it, they were gone?  This is an example of mindless eating. Pure and simple.  Mindful eating and living…your keys to long term weight loss success.

The goal for mindful eating is to experience food more intensely by paying attention to the sensation and flavor of each bite.  

Make Eating A Special Time.

When possible, use a tablecloth, real plate, napkin, glass and silverware.  Light a candle and put on some soft music.  Make the setting pleasurable and attractive. (Even if you’re eating take out.)

Mindful eating for Long Term Weightloss
  • Minimize Distractions.  Eliminate television and other extraneous noise.  Be in the moment by paying attention to what you’re eating. The fewer things you try to do while you eat, the fewer things you spread your attention over, and the more you can focus on what you’re eating.  Notice the color, smell, flavor and texture of your food. Eliminate the multi-tasking while you’re eating.
  • Tune Into Your Hunger.  Are you truly hungry?  Is it possible that instead of being hungry, you are bored, angry, thirsty or frustrated about something?  Try to become more self-aware and ask yourself, “Is this food what I truly want right now?”                                              

Slow Down.  First, eating more slowly will allow you to enjoy the taste and texture of your food.  Second, it will allow your brain to get the signal you’re full which takes about 20 minutes. You will no longer hurry through your meals to get to the next thing on the “to do” list.

 By chewing and swallowing more slowly you will automatically be consuming less food and improve your digestion. Another mindful eating approach is to use chopsticks.  Again, it helps you concentrate on the food.

Easy Steps to Mindful Eating

  • Watch for the “Pause”. During a meal, people sometimes unknowingly take a break.  They put their fork down and stop eating.
  • This is referred to as the ‘eating pause”. erefore watch for this pause and take a break when you find yourself wanting to put your fork down.  Maybe you’re more full than you think you are and it’s time to stop or leave the table.
  • Be Thankful.  Tune in and express gratitude prior to and even after eating. A mindful eating experience helps nourish your body and provides a more satisfying experience.  Think about your appreciation for the food – where it came from and how it made its way to your table. How did it get to the grocery store or your farmers’ market?  As you reflect, express gratitude to the people who gave their time and effort to contribute to the food.
  • Put Your Fork Down.  While you are chewing, put your fork down.  Stop preparing your next bite while your mouth is full.  Enjoy what is already in your mouth.  Then decide if you need another bite.  There’s no need to eat every morsel of food on your plate!
  • Eat In Designated Areas.  By limiting your eating to the kitchen and dining room areas, you are far less likely to “graze” and eat calories you hadn’t planned.  Consequently, you’ll be far  less likely to eat mindlessly or eat while being distracted.
  • Keep Food Tucked Away.  Pack it up and put it away when you’re finished with a jar, bag or box of food .  Because the longer it sits out on the counter, the more available it is for you to continue eating it even after you’re full.  Another tip is for you to put foods out of site that you find tempting.

Simple Changes = Lasting Results

Studies have shown that mindful eaters consume significantly fewer calories, digest more effectively and have an easier time maintaining a healthy Body Mass Index (BMI). When you begin eating mindfully you don’t enjoy it less—you’ll enjoy it even more! Mindful eating and living can truly be YOUR key to long term weight loss success!

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