Cruise without Gaining Weight!

10 Tips for avoiding weight gain on a cruise

by Dr. Donna Goldstein
Cruises can be so relaxing and stimulating too. However, when you are trying to lose or maintain your weight, they are loaded with temptations that may cause you to veer off course. With proper preparation you CAN CRUISE without gaining weight
Here are some tips that will help you not only survive the cruise experience, but keep a healthy focus:
Don’t be afraid to ask for what you need!
1) Ask if the cruise has a spa menu so that you can make healthier choices and be less likely to over eat if you order from this menu. Many cruiselines offer spa/lite/hearthealthy/vegetarian/vegan options along with low sodium and sugar free choices Don’t be afraid to ask your server or maitre’d.
     Your servers will be happy to hold the sauce and provide salad dressing on the side. Speak up!
2) Eat three light meals and 2-3 healthy low-fat snacks or meal replacements to keep you full and your metabolism fueled. These should generally be fish, seafood, chicken or veggie entree choices with lots of salads and veggies. Ideally, choose broiled, baked or poached items. Avoid pork, red meat, anything fried and rich sauces.
3) Tour the gym, right after you board. Make exercise a part of your daily routine. Most cruises offer excellent treadmills, ellipticals and machines. Look for classes such as yoga, dance, Pilates, spinning or aerobics. Swimming and water aerobics are great options too. Enjoy them all!
4) On sea days, walk on deck in the morning and after dinner too! Set a goal for the number of miles you’d like to walk on your trip. Give yourself a non-food reward when you achieve it. Savor your alone time on your walks, or Invite your partner, friends or kids to join you, or make new friends on deck!
5) Here’s a gentle reminder – alcohol is just empty calories! Red wine or spritzers w/ seltzer are better options. Avoid creamy concoctions or frozen drinks. Decide how much you‘ll drink before the cruise; saving you tons of calories and dollars too. (I met a gentleman on my last cruise, who racked up a $1,300 bar tab!) Alcohol also lowers your inhibitions and may cause you to make less healthy choices.
6) Cruises are packed with dozens of activities you can do on and off the ship. Stay active, learn new things and yes, relax! The cruise will be a more memorable experience than if you just sit by the pool all day drinking pina coladas, as that gentleman and his wife did.
7) If you go on an excursion pack your own mini-meals, and snacks such as protein bars, fruit and nut mix, and always carry a large water bottle. The meal choices on these tours are often unhealthy. You will feel more energized by having your own healthy snacks rather than chips or candy bars.
You can choose excursions that offer phyical activity suitable to your own fitness level. Walking tours.. Biking or Kayak tours…and gentle hikes are all good choices!)
      Avoid “foodie tasting tours” and tours with an included meal.
8) I am not going to tell you to totally avoid deserts or breads. Choose one (whole grain for breads) and share it, or take 2- 3 bites to satisfy your craving. Just a taste, so it doesn’t go on your waist! Also try the healthier dessert options like fat-free yogurt, fruit, sorbets or the spa selection.
9) Sit down and order off the menu whenever possible. Try to avoid the buffets, especially the midnight ones. Buffet fare is often high in calories, fats and carbs. It’s hard to manage our portion sizes and quantities. Step away from the buffet!
10) Associate with other healthy-minded people. Remember obesity is “contagious” and your cruise companions might tempt you into making bad food and drink choices.
Follow these tips to maintain your hard-earned weight-loss, while having the time of your life! Yes you can Cruise without gaining weight!
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