Healthier Holidays- 5 Holiday “ Goodie” options !!

5 Holiday “ Goodie” options you can use to prevent weight gain !!

Perhaps you are a hair dresser , manicurist , accountant , dog groomer , teacher or ? You just may be a super nice person whose friends and clients love bringing them lots of sticky sweet holiday goodies?

In the past I’ve succumbed to those gifts and goodies. Often just a few bites turn into nibbling up the whole tray ! Know that experience ? So what to do ? Here are five strategies I’ve suggested to my clients.

Of course you never want to appear ungracious. Therefore start discussions well before the holiday baking and buying blitzes begin . Talk about your lifestyle changes and how they are helping you . Ideally you are working toward a long term healthier lifestyle ! State that you are giving up holiday cookies and desserts. To claify, you can mention that you are focusing on self care. Body lotions products..aromatherapy etc wish listm Hint hint!

2) If people still bring you plates or bins of cookies / pies and cakes , don’t even unwrap them!
For many of us even a few bites are dangerous ! Sugar can be as addictive as crack cocaine and you don’t want it lying around. Decide ahead of time what charity or site you will choose for donations. Find a church , community or homeless center in your neighborhood! Take ALL food gifts there.

3) Some are thoughtful enough to ask what you’d like. Tell them nuts ( which you can eat mindfully in small quantities ) or a fruit basket. You might even suggest a a fruit /veggie and cheese platter.These are healthier options and very nice for sharing.

5) You may be asked to bring something to a gathering or potluck.
Choose a healthy option to share!

I’ve learned to make delicious and tasty Protein balls. These can combine nuts , raisins and other dried fruit , chia , oats , flax , unsweetened coconut, PB , dark chocolate bits and more . Check my Pinterest  for some awesome recipes most you don’t even have to cook -easy peasy and healthi .

5)I love giving – and getting –
exotic coffees and teas . As long a the the recipient is a coffee or tea drinker ( and i do have friends who aren’t ) it’s a really healthy and thoughtful gift! You can even let slip that you love green teas or herbal teas or immune boosting teas or that you love your Keureg – your thoughtful clients will get the hint and you will save thousands of calories




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