Dr. Donna’s 12 Healthy Lifestyle Tips


Hi. I’m Dr. Donna Goldstein. For those of you who aren’t familiar with me, I’m a psychologist and certified health coach. January was the nine year anniversary of my losing (and keeping off!) 70 pounds and I’m still a size 6. By following my secrets, tips and ideas, I’ve helped over 1,600 people all over the world lose weight, get healthy, sleep better and regain their vitality. Let’s get started!

I’d like to share with you 12 healthy lifestyle tips that will always serve you well.

My first question is: How do you feel? Are you sluggish and tired or do you feel healthy and vital? Have you spent time on a vision board setting your goals, being focused, keeping a journal to look at your goals? However you feel coming into this moment, I’m going to give you some tips that will help you feel much better in living a happy and healthy life!

1. Drink less soda and more water.

2. Less sitting and more standing and walking.

3. Add less salt and more spices and lemon to your food.

4. Drive less, walk or bike more.

5. Less meat and more vegetables.

6. Less canned, more fresh food.

7. Less worry, more prayer and meditation.

8. Less sugar, more fruit.

9. Less (or no) alcohol, more tea.

10. Less whining, more gratitude.

11. Less tv, more exercise.

12. I have some suggestions and a gift for you! I’ve put together a 5 day clean eating challenge. It’s free. All my friends, all over the world, can download a 25 page e-book that has tips, recipes and suggestions. Go to my website, www.bodywisdombreakthru.com. Get yourself healthy!

I offer a complimentary 30 minute phone consultation for those who want to take their weight loss, health and vitality further. During the call we can discuss your goals, needs, values and budget. I’m sure I have a program or way to assist or support you. Remember that I was unhappy and struggled as a yo yo dieter for 30 years. Now you can be happy and healthy, too!


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