Are you struggling with your weight? Body Wisdom brings you a holistic approach to weight loss that incorporates the mind, body and spirit. I have helped countless others and will help you too.


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Body Wisdom is a different kind of approach because it allows you to:

  • Enjoy everyday food that you can buy at the grocery store and farmers market.
  • No need to buy specially made food, count points, take pills or shots, count calories, carbs, fat, etc.  It is truly about a healthy lifestyle which integrates the mind, body, and spirit. 
  • Each person gets a customized program to match your lifestyle, values, needs, and preferences

“Dr. Donna” is a 30-year veteran psychologist, former Corporate Wellness Director, author and Certified Health Coach. She serves as a Weight Loss and Lifestyle Strategist mentoring her clients to improve their health and reach their desired goals. Throughout her career, she has shared her knowledge with over 100,000 people globally through speaking engagements.

She is passionate about guiding her clients to become healthier, more balanced and confident – empowered to live a more mindful lifestyle. This unique program helps people achieve and maintain their healthiest weight, become more productive, get better sleep, longevity and more! The Body Wisdom Lifestyle Program promotes a wide range of long-term health benefits including weight loss and maintenance. It incorporates practices adapted from several ancient global traditions. Clients report less fatigue, reduced cravings and hunger, more energy, and make more mindful choices on all levels. If you're ready to lose weight and finally make positive life choices to benefit your overall health, we can help you, every step of the way.


A New Kind of Holistic Approach To Weight Loss

The Body Wisdom Lifestyle Program offers a holistic approach incorporating the body, mind, and spirit. Whether you've had recent weight gain or a persistent weight challenge, this long-term solution provides real lifestyle change. Participants consistently report more energy, decreased fatigue, and clearer minds. Because of the process they learn, they experience more gratitude, better relationships and make healthier choices long term and on all levels.

  • Enjoy increased vitality, improved sleep and healthy weight loss!
  • Learn her secrets of how she has kept her weight off for over 10 years!
  • Individual plans are custom designed to your tastes, goals, needs, and lifestyle – whether you’re a chocoholic, gluten-free, meat-eater, vegan, or vegetarian
  • No stimulants, no drugs or shots
  • No surgery
  • No strenuous exercise!
  • Enjoy healthy delicious natural food and drinks at home or even eating out!


Body Wisdom Lifestyle Superfoods

Discover Dr. Donna's Body Wisdom Secrets!

Discover Body Wisdom to learn what she has been putting to practice for over a decade. Having been tired, struggling with weight and being yo-yo dieter for much of her life, she understands the challenges people often face when trying to change their lifestyle. As a psychologist, she has over 30 years of experience providing clients with an informed perspective and unique insights into decreasing stress and creating more life balance.

Body Wisdom has helped individuals and families lead healthier lifestyles and increase their well-being.  She works with clients throughout the world. Her clients choose from individual sessions or supportive group interaction in person via Skype, phone or text.  

Discover Body Wisdom!

She will share her secrets with you and provide on-going support during your journey to change unhealthy habits and incorporate and learn better ones.



I totally recommend Dr. Donna's Body Wisdom. The beauty of the program is not only do you lose weight but you transform your whole life. You learn how to eat properly and you feel so much better from it. Not only have a lost 15 lbs but I have shed a lot of inches all around. I went down a pants size and now can wear a small instead of a medium size shirt. All the food you eat is from the grocery store. Plain and simple, the program teaches you a new way to eat that also boosts your energy level. For me I have gotten more productive because I'm not tired all the time. I would definitely recommend Body Wisdom to everyone

Giving thanks to Dr. Donna and Body Wisdom. Two years now since I lost thirty pounds! But the best part is how my relationship to food had changed! I enjoy food knowing that I have the tools to listen to what my body needs and maintain a consistent weight that is right for me. Thank you again Dr. Donna.

Dr. Donna's innovative body and mind approach to weight -loss has served me well.It has been a 2 years since I have 30 lbs. under her tutelage in the Body - Wisdom program and even more amazing ... I have kept it off.My day-to-day energy level are now higher than ever before. I enjoy eating and living like this, Thanks Dr. Donna.

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